Hello kLoG

Finally decided to pickup this thick-dusted domain, as well as my writing, with the help of Hexo. Tried Pelican which works fine but the theming is ugly, and I am not really confident with my designing skill. Hexo uses node.js and Markdown, and is nicely automated so it seems to be my best choice for now. Hope this time it will end up well, or if fortunate, not to end at all in the near future.

Next steps on this site include

  • testing MathJax on the blog: $\sum_{i=1}^\infty i = -\frac{1}{12}$,
  • 中文着重测试
  • a mail server,
  • a Shadowsocks tunnel for traveling (via docker? ),
  • slideshow like impress.js,
  • other interesting stuff to be added here.

Posts will mostly serve as notes for my self and practice of my writing. It would be great if they could prove useful to anyone else, but that is not my goal. Nevertheless, I will try to make as little mess here as I can.